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Copper 8-Hydroxyquinoline
Product name: 8-hydroxyquinoline, copper(ii) salt
CAS NO. : 10380-28-6
Structural formula:
Molecular formula: C18H12N2O2Cu
Molecular weight: 351.84
Product specification:
appearance: yellow green crystal powder content: ≥98.5% loss on drying: ≤0.5%
hydrochloride(Cl): ≤0.01% sulfate(SO4): ≤0.1%  
Features: Insoluble in water and most organic solvent; lightly soluble in quinoline, pyridine, glacial acetic acid, chloroform, weak acid
Uses: Used as antifogging agent; mainly used in polyurethane plastics, rubber, leather, paper, textile, coating and wood industry